At Metaprintables our mission is to make the point that consuming fashion, apparel and home goods is possible in an eco-friendly way.
We facilitate our mission by offering so-called print on demand (POD) products only.
This way, we ensure that no product is made without it already being demanded by a customer.

What’s special about this way of setting up a business is the fact that you can produce with less waste because you have no inventory and thus no risk of being left with apparel on your hands in sizes that no one needs or other items that no one wants.

Our signature style is colourful and playful, yet aesthetic at the same time. We leave room for your personality to shine through!

Every item is made to order – you buy it and then we make it for you.

Let's take care of the environment together

A core value of ours is caring for the environment by living an eco-friendly lifestyle that has a low impact on the environment.

Not alone is all our products POD meaning that every item in our webshop is made to order, but a great deal of our products are also eco-friendly by either consisting of organic or recycled material or by being a reusable alternative to disposable products as is the case with our reusable face masks.

We have chosen our business partner on the basis of their stance toward environmental issues. Here are some examples of actions taken towards a more sustainable production:

  • Every biodegradable phone case comes in a protecting biodegradable CPE bag and is sent out to our customers in a cardboard box.
  • When buying posters from us, they ship out in triangular boxes instead of tubes with plastic caps.
  • Our production partner is moving away from using regular acrylic tape on the packaging as they are testing different types of paper tape.
  • For shipments containing only one item, there is no other plastic layer than the shipping bag itself, eliminating the second and unnecessary layer of plastic.

A lot work of work is put into replacing plastic packaging with eco-friendly alternatives.

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